Internet Business Solutions AG
Hardstrasse 235
CH-8005 Zürich

Fon +41 44 2 777 575
Fax +41 44 2 777 577


We provide consulting and development services in various areas related to Telecommunications, TCP/IP and Internet Networking.

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If you have a project related to anything above or below, we can provide you with our highly qualified assistance. Please contact us at <>.

We have special experience with the following backgrounds:
  • 9 years of mid-sized ISP operations experience
  • Extensive BGP Core Routing experience (AS8271)
  • Extensive Data Communication experience (all Carriers)
  • Building and Managing TIX Internet Exchange, largest Internet Exchange in Switzerland
  • Building and Managing Carrier Neutral Telehouse Zürich (IXEurope today), best connected place in Switzerland
  • Developing core technology for Public WLAN Operator (Monzoon)
  • Developing E1/T1 PCI Cards for data communications and Voice over IP (VoIP) gateway Applications
  • Developing G.SHDSL PCI Card for integrated Data and Voice communication
  • General high performance networking hardware and software development for research projects
  • Most of our employees have ETH or HTL degrees (2xETH and others)

Public Projects we are working on or have successfully completed:

Public Presentations at various events: